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It is a mystery to me, the power of God. I am on this very unique journey to an appointment that has not been given to anyone else. During this time He is leading me through many different types of visions and dreams, things heard audibly while awake, visions seen while awake. Many are prophetic and futuristic. Some prevent horrors from happening. Others are meant for no other reason than for spirit work within my own soul. He has shown me over the last few weeks several things that are telling me that we are close to the appointment. They are revealing to me where I am on this timeline. I am receiving several visions pointing towards final workings in my soul that are needed for evolution to take place in my mind, and then my body to follow. I come from a legalistic cult-ish group of people. This has been extremely difficult to break off of my thinking. Even though I will declare truths against it and have denounced it, performing and a legalistic spirit, the visions He gives me at times are saying to me, “There is more in you that needs to be overcome.” Last night I was shown something like a movie reel of scenes of my life, but they were abstract and different. It is strange. It was almost like an interpretation of things in my life. I could identify the memories and recognized certain people, but many were people I did not recognize. I am perceiving that these were demonic forces acting upon those times in order to influence the situation. Some of these memories were 30 years ago. It passed before me like a very fast showing. Then after this was complete, it was an entirely separate vision where I saw the back of myself working in a diner. Jeans and a black t-shirt, apron ties coming together. I was bent over a diner table washing it down with a rag, holding shakers up in the other hand. I was working quickly. He has a way of making you perceive the message. He is saying, “you are still working when you should be resting.” These life experiences I have had have put me in mental chains, chains that I feel have been broken, until He shows me I need to go deeper, a little bit more, a little more letting go.

The message is that it is His desire for me not to work, but to rest and receive. This has nothing to do with earning a living. This is about receiving love because you believe how good He is, or working to earn acceptance because you cannot believe you could be loved.