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Demons, angels, humans, the dead –and of course the One that is set a part from all. The magic of Light, the gifts of His Spirit, are to take on a great supernatural manifestation. This is one of many gifts that have been given me, the discerning of spirits, and it is not for the faint of heart. One thing I have learned is that it is easy to err in your gifts but that should not cause you to shy away from them. I have also learned that they become more powerful the more you use them. I also know that they are given in measure. Why do you think I’ve been given this gift, like a car I can’t handle? It is powerful and it also has been heartbreaking. But being shown the demons that are many times behind a person’s actions has also helped me have a depth of compassion for them. It is very strange to begin to smell demons and the presence of the dark realm. I am praying for a time of training in this gift that I know can only come directly from God, as there is no other that has gone where He has taken me. My perception is that this is going to take place during the event that is coming.

I want you to take the time in prayer and meditation to seek out and ask that your gifts will be revealed to you if they already haven’t. Decide who you want to be. A time of inheritance is coming. It will be a time of greater things. It is a supernatural way of being.

The enemy is Death and the sting of Death, or its power, is judgment. The Law causes judgement to prevail. So, we are understanding the power of the message I am putting out into this sleeping realm. It is powerful to the destruction of strongholds and will over throw Death.

I want you to stay focused on this very thing. In removing Law, we are rendering Death powerless. It is in a place free from all hostility where the Spirit of Love abides. We were once a manifestation of it. Now we are a manifestation of a depraved nature that fell from the Heavens that must enter a transformative process to enter back in.

It has been so very difficult for me to be out here alone, facing a raging spiritual war alone. It has been more difficult than you could imagine. There is usually not a day that goes by that I don’t see incredible things not visible by the human eye without supernatural gifts.

I have seen demons that would terrify you. I have seen angels that would make you lust. I have seen the beauty of eyes that have beheld the Father. I have seen heavenly creatures. I have seen so many things and I have smelled the breath of Heaven and I have smelled the stale lifeless air that surrounds one who follows darkness willingly. It is as if they are a grave without life.

This perhaps will be the most important gift once we begin after the event. Why is it something to marvel at that I can see a person in their room across the world when I already see across realms and on other planets? It is nothing. There is something I want you to take note of because so many believers limit their self by fear, but also by scripture. If we are truly to go on to do greater things, then there are things unwritten that have never been done before. We cannot look to ancient texts to find an outline of what is to come and that is beyond what our Lord has done. It is a limitless blank page, the future. Beyond imagination is His favorite place to be. We must acknowledge the unknown that we might glimpse it. We must be open to take hold of something that we did not know was possible.

Meditate on these things. Expect more.