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I am still learning who they are. Many are not of light but are fallen. It seems to be that there are levels, or rankings. Principalities are a governing, and a governed, body. So often I am seeing beings that have traveled a distance to get a look at me. A couple nights after receiving the stairway vision I was shown what looked like a doorway filled with thick but fluid and moving black tar. She was like a deity but only within the dark realm. She had a headdress that was very ornate, beaded and jeweled.

The strings of beads looped down on each side of her face. She was not like the work angels I’ve seen on assignments, and certainly not like vulgar and foul demons. It was very clear though that she was not of Light. When she moved and came through the tar she was clean. No residue remained from whatever this tar like substance is. There was no shock. There was no fear. There was no anger. I could not read her. She only came to get a look at me. Perhaps she knows that any ill efforts against me would be pointless. She looked at me with the slightest smirk and then slid back into the thick black tar and then disappeared. She is from a dark place. So many proclaim some kind of spirituality and acknowledge the spiritual war that acts upon our subconscious, but most really have no depth of understanding of how powerful it really is, or how real these other realms are.

When I started creating this blog site yesterday after finally making the decision to, I was flooded with visions and perceiving so many things. I was even made known of a ‘gray’ sitting above and looking down at me.

The spiritual war is known to all the realms that engage with it. It is only mankind that is asleep. Please understand that we are approaching a universal disclosure. It is going to be huge.

The Pale White Horse will cease to exist. Free run of the realms is over.