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Last week, I must tell you, I received an incredible vision from the Son of God. In the night I began to feel my mind open to a scene. It was like I was standing somewhere and before me was a great and rugged mountain –coloring was rich in contrast, moody and as if the scene was set during the night time. Then a curved row of angels clothed in white appeared. They curved from the middle of the base of the mountain, towards the side, and then up to the top that was enveloped with a thick cloud. They were staggered like steps, like they were a stairway, each one slightly higher than the one before. I looked again and each angel was holding a drum. I noticed sparks of light like lightening shooting off of the drum first in line at the bottom. Then the next and the next, and so on up to the top. But the angels were not moving. They were not striking the drums. Then it was made known to me that the striking blow to each drum causing the flashes of light was to be my footsteps. This is the Ultimate End to my calling. Just as a couple days later I heard Him saying “I am willing, I am yours.” It is a loving confirmation of where I am headed and what my purpose here is: Travel between Realms. This will also be combined with planetary travel, as the Heavenly Keys to the deepest prophecy must be told to all.

The very next day I was shown what was above the thick clouds wrapping around the mountain top. It was the grandest estate, one fit for a Son of God.